Our Mission: Float… Paddle… Center.

Our mission with this business is to provide our community with a place and activities where people can experience each of the things mentioned in our business name (each is a verb).

Floating ―   not being weighed down, free to take in our surroundings … nature and manmade … from a distance.

Paddling ― a self-reliant and quiet way to move to places to gain new perspectives.

Centering ― finding balance, peace, and connection to our very essence.

Float. Paddle. Center.   We can help anyone experience this here on the Saginaw River and Bay in one of our kayaks or on one of our SUPs.  We believe offering this watersport opportunity enhances the quality of life and attractiveness of our community.  The Saginaw Bay Watershed offers a rich and diverse environment in which to Float, Paddle and Center.

For example: you can

―     enjoy the majesty of tall ships from the water

―     observe the fishing and flight of snow white Great Egrets, Common Terns and Bald Eagles

―     discover families of muskrats, mink, ducks and geese

―     listen to concerts in the parks

―     watch the sunset across the Bay from the east side marsh

―     and share these recreational activities with family and friends

Join us, and Go with the Float.


Kristi L. Kozubal + Richard B. Learman, Members

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